All Greek to me

Hornsby Greek Festival

The first ever Hornsby Greek Festival went “opa!” last weekend at Greenway Park, Cherrybrook. It was a hot, humid day, but the park was crowded with families enjoying fabulous Greek music and food.

We sat under the trees at the edge of the park, in earshot of the kids squealing on the dodgem cars, and ate our souvlaki and baby octopus while we watched the camels (Greek camels?) lollop around the perimeter of the oval. We took home a box of fresh almond shortbread (Kourabiethes) thinking it might last us a week, but they were so yummy they were all gone by Monday night!

I hope this becomes a hugely successful annual event – I’ll be keeping an eye out for it same time next year.


One thought on “All Greek to me

  1. Yassou mate, thanks for visiting us this year. We’re very glad you had a good time and, just to let you know, the next year is penciled in for February 12. Same place. Looking forward to seeing you guys again.

    Shhh…don’t tell ;-)…next year we’ll be raffling away a Mazda 2. Check out our website for details.

    The Greek Festival Committee

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